Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.

—John F. Kennedy
Born in Nykarleby, Finland in 1949, author and historian Anders Smedberg, has been interested in immigration of the Finn-Swedes to North America during the beginning of the last century. His written work includes articles and books on human destinies and demographic development issues within the Finn-Swedish language group. Currently living in Hirvlax, Finland, Smedberg has a Master's degree in Social Policy, as well as advanced studies in sociology, public administration, political science, and demographics.Anders Smedberg, author

Over the past ten years he has worked on the topic that for a long time has captivated and deeply affected him on a personal level: the multi-layered conspiracy surrounding the murder of the thirty-fifth President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, along with the political developments in the early 1960s, and the political and social issues that largely contributed to the assassination of this President. The politically controlled and manipulated Warren Commission's report has been the basis and motivation for the research that led to his latest book, The Question of the Century.

In this book he lays the Warren Commissions evidence and conclusions against previously classified information, now declassified. The book dissects the information in chapters, which, with the final summary, raises a number of issues that may be considered unpleasant and sometimes frightening, concerning the political and social developments since the Kennedy era.

In 2013, fifty years after the tragic events in Dallas, Texas, we must wait another twenty-five years before all classified material is to be released. Seventy-five years of secrecy laid upon a murder that the Warren Commission claims was carried out by a "lone madman," can only generate for the world The Question of the Century—what really happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963?

The book is currently available only in the Swedish language.
Århundradets frågeställning
ISBN 978-952-68023-0-5
290 pages, endnotes, photos
Available 2013 from: BSA-Boken, Nykarleby

SmedbergAnders Smedberg, född i Nykarleby, Finland år 1949, har i ett antal tidigare böcker intresserat sig för emigrationen från Svenskfinland under det förra sekelskiftet, människoöden och demografiska utvecklingsfrågor inom den finlandssvenska språkgruppen. Smedberg har en Politices Magisterexamen inom socialpolitik samt utvecklade studier i sociologi, offentlig förvaltning, statskunskap och demografi.

Under de senaste tio åren har han arbetet med det ämne och den fråga som under lång tid både fascinerat och djupt berört honom; nämligen konspirationen runt och mordet på Förenta Staternas trettiofemte president John F. Kennedy, den politiska oron i samhället under det tidiga 1960-talet och de samhällsfrågor som starkt bidrog till mordet på president Kennedy. Den politiskt styrda och manipulerade Warrenkommissionens rapport har legat som grund och motivation till forskningen som lett fram till boken, Århundradets frågeställning.
I denna bok lägger han Warrenkommissionens material och konklusion mot i dag frisläppt, tidigare sekretessbelagd information. Boken ger i sin både kapitelvis och slutliga sammanfattning ett antal frågeställningar som både kan anses obehagliga och i vissa fall skrämmande, med hänvisning till den politiska och samhälleliga utvecklingen efter Kennedy-eran.

År 2013, femtio år efter händelserna i Dallas, Texas måste vi ännu vänta i ytterligare tjugofem år innan allt hemligstämplat material har släppts fritt. En sjuttiofemårig sekretess lagd på ett mord som Warrenkommissionen hävdar att utfördes av en "ensam galning", enbart detta har lämnat en värld med århundradets frågeställning - vad hände egentligen i Dallas den 22 november 1963?

Other books by Anders Smedberg:


Berättelser om vanliga, men ovanliga människor
Labyrinth Books (Finland), 2012

This book tells the stories of several Finnish persons of note, whose lives inspired the author. The books is featured here on page 14.

ISBN 978-952-5986-03-7
122 pages, bibliography, photos

Alfred Sund - ett emigrantöde
Scriptum (Finland), 2009

ISBN 978-952-5496-65-9
120 pages, endnotes, bibliography, photos

This is the moving and tragic story of Anders Smedberg's uncle who had gone to America, seeking work in the mines at Telluride, Colorado. The young man wrote letters home, sending moeny and small gifts, but his life was violently cut short when he and several others were murdered high in the mountains above town. The book is currently available only in the Swedish language.

1919 - September 10, four miners were murdered at the Tomboy Mine: Gus Danielson, Erik Smith, Alfred Sund, and Celeste Mattivi. A fifth, Joe Kochize,(or Kochevr a“Slavonian” (according to the newspapers) ) was shot in the knee by the assailants who brutally attacked the men in the Montana tunnel of the Tomboy Mining Company. Sund was shot in the chest and the hand, and after he had fallen to the ground, he was then “shot in the head under the left ear... [as all the victims were] to make sure that the men were killed.” The execution-style killings made some believe the attack was ethnically motivated by a group called “The Black Hand,” and in November of that year, one of the assailants, August Morletti, was convicted of the crime. Danielson, Smith, and Sund were sons of Finland: Danielson was born in Jeppo as Gustav Alfred Heikfolk; Smith was born in Malax, and Sund was born in Kantlaks Munsala, Finland. His grave in Lone Tree Cemetery once carried the inscription: Alfred Sund född 1898 i Kantlaks Munsala avled i Telluride Colo 1919 † 9† 10.


Anders is also a photographer and has been working on a documentary film with MaryJoy Martin and others on the labor history of Telluride, Colorado, USA. He can be reached through his publisher here and via his blog here. His love for film is expressed in his short videos, which can be found on his YouTube Channel and his personal story can be found here.

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